Shattered Genesis

~ It's Not Over Yet... ~

One year after the events of Nocturnal Sanction, the Umbra Sarcina and their allies
have enjoyed the time of peace they've had since the defeat of the Tenebrous Industry.
Black City has become more civilized and the city's law enforcement has drastically improved.
However, not all the threats have been extinguished...

With the return of a previously obscure criminal group, the rebel vigilantes find themselves
wandering out of their home in Black City and into new territory...
Opelucid City.

But the arrival of this group only marks the beginning of a much larger threat awaiting them.
And even the Tenebrous Industry itself is forced to get involved, working alongside
the Umbra Sarcina and their friends out of necessity for everyone's survival.
Here, they would discover, even their closest allies can turn against them in dire times of need...